ww.Survey4on.com a survey that pays Old Navy loyal

The retail business has come a long way since the first time an enterprising salesman made his first sale in the first store. The retail sector is the fastest growing sector in the economy and there is not a doubt that the evolution of retailers is worth a study. A trend that is fast catching on among retailers is the trend to circulate retail surveys among customers and gain there feedback online. The feedback is then utilized to analyze various factors of customer experience and apply the feedback to the retail set up. If you are an Old Navy regular you are probably aware of these surveys and have taken one too.

www.Survey4on.com is one such site that collects Old Navy surveys from customers. This site seems worth the while as the structure and construct of the survey is extremely user friendly and the survey time is only about 8 minutes. The main purpose behind the survey is to take valuable customer feedback and in return reward the customers with good discounts and a chance to win the gift card of Old Navy stores.

Here is quick view of what the survey is and how the components of the survey appeal to reviewers:

• Customer centric survey – www.Survey4on.com is a site that is customer centric and needs only 8 minutes of the customer’s time

• The website is very user friendly and easily navigable

• Questions are constructed in an easy to understand manner and are comprehensive

• Customers get to have their say on everything from the service at the Old Navy stores, the styles offered, purchase experience and so on

• All that a person taking the survey requires is the transaction number, date of purchase and store number that are printed on the survey invite. These invites can be got from the Old Navy stores

• The 10% discount for the survey is a great incentive to take the survey

• The possibility of getting the store’s gift card is a good idea for customers taking the survey

• Feedback is sure to reach the retailer and thus enhance the subsequent shopping experience of the customer

• Information gathered pertaining to customer’s personal details are kept confidential as www.Survey4on.com is reliable

• Customers have 3 months to utilize the discounts earned from the survey

• Survey contains components that notice elements that the customer is dissatisfied with and probes on that specific issue for more details

• The pace of the survey is consistent and fast, this saves the precious time of the customer

Over all www.Survey4on.com is a great site that has constructed a survey that is well worth a customer’s time. The site is focused and does not contain meaningless fluff or annoying ads to distract customers from the survey. The end result makes it worth the while as a 10% discount can easily entail the customer for a smart tee or polo at the Old Navy store.

Service Guidance : www.Survey4on.com

www.tell-twoforone.co.uk – £1,000 Two for One Customer Survey

www.tell-twoforone.co.uk is Two for One pub customer satisfaction survey official site. Part of Marston’s Inns and Taverns, which owns more than 500 pubs across the country, you can always find great value food and drink with your family members and friends. The survey covers a list of restaurants, check it out before you are going to finish it online.

To start the survey at www.tell-twoforone.co.uk, you will need to enter the survey invitation code printed on your survey card, or enter telephone number, date and transaction number at your receipt. The survey is powered by Empathica and is easy to finish. You will join the online sweepstakes and reserve the chance for £1,000 cash prize. The latest promotion at Marston’s Inns and Taverns is the buy one bottle and get the second for £1.50. The online offers page gives you more discount information: £5 lunch deal available everyday during 12pm-5pm, curry night £5.45 with free drink every Wednesday. If you do not want to take the online survey but join the sweepstakes directly, call 800-294-7754 and you are there to win the cash prize.

Enjoy the delicious food and drink and share your feedback with Two for One pub at www.tell-twoforone.co.uk.

About Two for One Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.tell-twoforone.co.uk
Survey Incentive: £1,000 cash
Host Website: ww4.empathica.com
Marketing Support: Empathica

www.brainsfeedback.com – £1,000 Brains Customer Survey

www.brainsfeedback.com is Brains official online customer survey and feedback site. As Wales’ most famous drink and still owned by the descendants of the founders that took over a fledgling brewery in a small stone building behind a Cardiff pub in 1882, Brains is working hard to serve customers like they they were doing more than 100 years ago, the best and award-winning beers with the best customer service. How do you like the drink and food here?

No matter what do you like and what do you think Brains can improve, www.brainsfeedback.com is always the right place for you to share your ideas and feedback with them. Powered by Empathica, you will have a chance to win £1,000 cash prize plus an iPod by completing the online survey. Take a look at contest rules before finishing the online survey. If you are planning to visit Brains bar for the next time, go and visit brainsoffers.com for all the latest offers and discount information. The best quality beer is also available here. All you need to do is to enter the survey entry code printed at the bottom of your receipt and finish the simple survey questions. Till now, Brains is more than a beer bar, you can easily find a pub, book a room or book a function.

Talk to Brains about your recent visit experience and win £1,000 cash prize at www.brainsfeedback.com.

Brains Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.brainsfeedback.com
Survey Incentive: £1,000 cash + iPod
Host Website: ww18.empathica.com
Marketing Support: Empathica

www.Survey4On.com – Old Navy 10% off survey

Taking surveys for retailers are often worth the time as they give you incentives or allow you to have a chance to win the stores gift card. www.Survey4On.com is one such site and is the customer feedback website for Old Navy. The survey takes about 8 minutes to complete and when you are complete, you will be given a code word that gives you a discount of 10% off your next purchase.

However, to take the survey, you will need to hold on to your receipt for Old Navy as you need to enter the store number and they actually validate the store number and some other information.

So, the next time you need a 10% coupon for your next purchase at Old Navy, head on over to www.survey4on.com.

www.areweonpar.com – $1,000 Golf Town Customer Survey


www.areweonpar.com is Golf Town online customer survey official site. As the golf clubs from Nike, TaylerMde, Ping, Callaway and even more brands, you can easily find your golf carts, balls, as well as men’s and women’s apparel for your golf activities. No matter you are looking for stores in U.S., or Canada, it is right around the street corner for your golf equipment.

www.areweonpar.com is powered by Empathica as well. Upon completion of the survey, you will join the online sweepstakes for an Apple iPod and 10 chances to win $1,000. All you have to do it to enter the following information from your receipt and take the online survey with several simple questions: date of visit, time of visit, store number, cashier name, total amount spent. All the information is printed on your receipt, check it out carefully and enter them to make sure your message is forwarded to the right store and store manager. Now Golf Town is offering leaderboard membership program, which offers you timely e-newsletters to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest in golf, members-only special offers on equipment, accessories, golf lessons and more, advance notice of new equipment releases and opportunities for private test drivers. Subscribe the membership now to enjoy the great offer. Or you can use the store locator to find a store near you. Read contest rules before taking the survey. If you want to join the sweepstakes without taking the survey survey, call 877-763-7714 and talk to customer service representatives.

There are some great sports brands online customer surveys are reviewed by SurveyBag professional editors, take a look and finish the survey to win the great prize:
feedback.rei.com – REI Customer Feedback
www.jd-feedback.co.uk – £100 JD Sports Customer Survey
www.nike.com/storesurvey – $500 Nike Store Survey
www.sportsauthorityfeedback.com – Sports Authority Customer Feedback
www.dickssportinggoods.com/feedback – Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer Feedback
www.golfgalaxy.com/feedback – $500 Golf Galaxy Gift Card Customer Survey

What kind of golf equipments you have purchased at Golf Town? Are you going to buy something here again? Talk to them and win the $1,000 prize at www.areweonpar.com.

Golf Town Satisfaction Survey
Survey Website: www.areweonpar.com
Survey Incentive: $1,000 Cash + iPod
Host Website: ww7.empathica.com
Marketing Support: Empathica